2015 May Champ Show

BTMCV Championship Show
Friday 1st May 2015

Judge: Naomi Waynee

Stardom Black Diamontina (Ai)


Scarlettoro Wyld Violet


Ch Speiread Tennessee Gold


Ch Kahmins Harvest Moon

Baby Puppy Dog ...
1st Stonesour Denim Moon
2nd Minibrook Enter The Dragon
3rd Minibull Maniford Star

Puppy Dog
1st Willown Armani
2nd Sariluda Charlie Clown
3rd Speiread Diablo Grande Gold

Junior Dog
1st Kahmins Oriental Warrior
2nd Speiread Igotcha Touch
3rd Hulia Charmer (Ai)

Intermediate Dog
1st Avindie Jokerman
2nd Willown Camaro Red Charlie
3rd Gr Ch Rhugar Wonderboy Wally

Aus Bred Dog
1st Ch Bullacktiv Two Moon
2nd Hulia Tigers Eye (Ai)

Open Dog
1st Ch Speiread Tennessee Gold
2nd Ch Kahmins Harvest Moon
3rd Stardom Gold Rush

Dog CC
Ch Speiread Tennessee Gold

Reserve Dog CC
Ch Kahmins Harvest Moon

Baby Puppy Bitch
1st Minibrook Angels Reward

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Willown A Burning Amber

Puppy Bitch
1st Willown Aphrodites Kiss

Junior Bitch
1st Minibrook Calling All Angels
2nd Bulrydom Notta Ranga Nellie
3rd Hulia Ginger Crunch (Ai)

Intermediate Bitch
1st Scarlettoro Wyld Violet
2nd Ch Speiread Zilch Zero Nada
3rd Shadbraye Endless Rumours (Ai)

Aus Bred Bitch
1st Stardom Black Diamontina (Ai)
2nd Speiread MP Twiddle Bug
3rd Ch Hulia Zacs Girl (Ai)

Open Bitch
1st Stardom Black Marquise (Ai)
2nd Ch Kahmins Electric Tango
3rd Hulia Angel Hand (Ai)

Bitch CC
Stardom Black Diamontina (Ai)

Reserve Bitch CC
Scarlettoro Wyld Violet


Best in Show
Stardom Black Diamontina (Ai)

Runner-Up Best in Show
Scarlettoro Wyld Violet

Baby In Show
Stonesour Denim Moon

Opposite Baby
Minibrook Angels Reward

Minor In Show
Willown A Burning Amber

Opposite Minor

Puppy In Show
Willown Armani

Opposite Puppy
Willown Aphrodites Kiss

Junior In Show
Minibrook Calling All Angels (Ai)

Opposite Junior
Kahmins Oriental Warrior

Intermediate In Show
Scarlettoro Wyld Violet
Opposite Intermediate
Avindie Jokerman

Aus Bred In Show
Stardom Black Diamontina (Ai)

Opposite Aus Bred
Ch Bullacktiv Two Moon

Open In show
Ch Speiread Tennessee
Opposite Open
Stardom Black Marquise (Ai)

Contact Details

Bull Terrier Miniature Club of Victoria, VIC, Australia
Email : [email protected]