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  PRESIDENT:   Di Cross                                                                         SECRETARY : Dr Chevaun Hazeldine

NOM 54/19 Submitted by NDBTCNSW

"ROM 2.c.5 becomes the Ironbark Show with the allocation of 3 and 2 point ROM accordingly and the National Championship Specialty Shows and the All Breeds Shows sub paragraphs be renumbered 2.c.6 and 2.c.7 accordingly." 
The Ironbark Show should also be included in the 'Allocation of Points for ROM Award Table.
Member Clubs Votes to be in by 2 August 2019
NOM 73/19 Adjunct  to NOM 54/19 Submitted by NDBTCNSW
"When the Ironbark Show is included in the ROM Rules Para 2.c, any other relevant areas of the ROM Rules should be adjusted accordingly."
Further to our previous motion (dated May 2nd 2019) regarding the addition of the Ironbark Shows in the list of ROM shows Para 2.c - Allocation of Points, there was no intent in leaving out All Breeds Shows in any paragraph of the ROM Rules. It goes without saying that the addition should have been included in all relevant parts of the Rules.
Member Clubs Votes to be in by 13 August 2019

NOM 55/19 Submitted by A.C.T BTC

Motion 1
"All Australian ROM qualified judges complete the attached forms, Form A for ROM judges who have been a judge for less than 10 years and Form B for ROM judges who have been recognised for over 10 years. If ROM judges do not complete the relevant form within three (3) months they are removed from the list of Australian ROM judges."
The ACTBTC believes the current Paragraph 4.g of the ROM Rules (Criteria for Australian Specialist Judges) does not provide enough clarification and guidelines on the requirements for becoming a ROM recognised judge in Australia. The paragraph is vague. 
Motion 2
"Form B should be sent to Australian ROM qualified judges 5 yearly to retain ROM status."
Motion 3
"Paragraph 4.g of the ROM Rules be changed to: 
1.  ANKC Championship Show approved judges who are current breeders of Bull Terriers and Bull Terriers (Miniature) are required to complete Form A Recognition of Merit (ROM) Application - Australian Breeder judges if they desire to be recognised as an Australian ROM recognised judge.
2.  Australian ROM Recognised Judges of over 10 years standing are required to complete Form B at 5 yearly intervals to retain currency of ROM status." 
 Member Clubs Votes to be in by 2 August 2019

NOM 56/19 Submitted by A.C.T.BTC

The ACTBTC believes that Para 4 b of the ROM Rules should be amended as per the following Notice of Motion:
" Overseas judges prior to being awarded ROM status in Australia must be licenced to judge Championship Shows or have at least judged three (3) Bull Terrier and/or Bull Terrier (Miniature) Open or Specialty Shows and also must have a minimum of 15 years involvement in the breed."
It is often harder in some countries to judge at the Championship level for judges as the training schemes are so different worldwide. However a minimum number of shows at Open or Specialty level should be required before being awarded ROM status in Australia.
 Member Clubs Votes to be in by 2 August 2019

NOM 72/19 Submitted by NDBTCNSW

"That the NBTC (A) executive be given the authority to carry out all day to day administration of all council matters without the constraints of having to await voting from all member clubs.
If there is a differing opinion on any matter, only then should the member clubs be called upon to vote."
The current process of ALL matters going to clubs for voting is time consuming for both NBTC (A) secretary and member club secretaries, and leads to constraints on the timeliness of actions.
The elected executive should be trusted to run the day to day administration on behalf of all clubs.

Member Clubs Votes to be in by 13 August 2019


Sharon Bover - Notice of rejection from the NBTC(A)

Dear Sharon,

I am emailing you to let you know we have received a majority of member club votes on your application to become a ROM judge. Unfortunately the majority of the clubs gave a no vote, so at this stage you will not be added to the ROM list.
It is always heartening to have people apply, however we do find that there is a differing interpretation of how they see themselves fitting the criteria of 10 year involvement in the breed. What we are looking for are people who are not only judges but who have been breeding for at least 10 years. It is felt that this is the minimum requirement to gain the in-depth knowledge of the breed to be acknowledged as a ‘specialist Bull Terrier judge’ and hence award ROM points. For Bull Terrier folk here in Australia the ROM award is of the utmost importance with the ROM points being most sought after.  

If, however, this changes you are certainly encouraged to apply for ROM status at a later date.



Chevaun Haseldine


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Bull Terrier Miniature Club of Victoria, VIC, Australia
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