2016 Specialty Show - Patricia Dandridge (UK)

29 OCTOBER 2016 

Best in Show
 Stonesour Denim Moo

Runner Up Best in Show
Kahmins Bohemian Summer 

Best Dog
Stonesour Denim Moon 
Reserve Dog 
 Hulia Im A Tiger 

Best Bitch
Kahmins Bohemian Summer 
Reserve Bitch 
 Kahmins Electric Skies 

Best Baby Puppy
 Bullalaris Spanky 
Opposite Baby Puppy
Alcaneeka Gold Dust Woman 

Best Minor Puppy  
Willown Turn Back Time 

Best Puppy 
Belikov Pure Karma 

Best Junior
Minibull Mr Pinto 
Opposite Junior

 Belikov Demi Rose 

Best Intermediate 
Kahmins Electric Skies
Opposite Intermediate 

Bullalaris Fall Out Boy 

Best Australian Bred 
Stonesour Demin Moon 
Opposite Australian Bred 
Kahmins Supa Nova 

Best Open  
Kahmins Bohemian Summer
Opposite Open 
Gr. Ch. Rhugar Wonder Boy Wally 

Baby Puppy Dog
1st - Bullalaris Spanky - Exh. P Lachmund & C Harmon
2nd - Kahmins Fire Ball - Exh. K Hellsten
3rd - Kahmins Fire Chaser - Exh. K Hellsten
4th - Kahmins Fire Starter - Exh. K Hellsten
5th - Kahmins Satorial - Exh. K Hellsten

Minor Puppy Dog
1st - Willown Turn Back Time - Exh. K & F Willox

Junior Dog
1st - Minibull Mr Pinto - Exh. P & G Oldridge

Intermediate Dog
1st - Bullalaris Fall Out Boy - Exh. P Lachmund & C Harmon
2nd - Bullambrias Nightfire - Exh. N Nelson Kuehr

Australian Bred Dog
1st - Stonesour Denim Moon - Exh. K Hellsten
2nd - Hulia Im A Tiger - Exh. - V Frith
3rd - Caitsam Mini Moonglow - Exh L & H Hernan

Open Dog
1st - Gr. Ch Rhugar Wonderboy Wally - Exh K & F Willox
2nd - Avindie Jokerman - Exh. R Wyld

Baby Puppy Bitch
1st - Alcaneeka Gold Dust Woman - Exh. C McConville 
2nd - Kahmins Fire Twirler - Exh. K Hellsten
3rd - Kahmins Evocative - Exh. K Hellsten 
4th - Kahmins Scandalus - Exh. K Hellsten

Minor Puppy Bitch
Abs - Bullroy Baggy Chick - Exh. S & S Humphrey

Puppy Bitch
1st - Belikov Pure Karma - Exh. R Wyld 
2nd - Dabews Wee Kerry - Exh. R Turner
3rd - Willown Big Girls Dont Cry - Exh. K & F Willox
Abs - Bullroy Wild Franki - Exh. S & S Humphrey

Junior Bitch
1st - Belikov Demi Rose - Exh. R Wyld
2nd - Hulia Cheeky Monkey - Exh. V Frith
3rd - Suthnstar Heart of Gold - Exh. R Wagner

Intermediate Bitch
1st - Kahmins Electric Skies - Exh. E Perry & K Hellsten 
2nd - Kahmins Oriental Spice - Exh. K Harper & K Hellsten
3rd - Scarlettoro Miss Angelfire - Exh. D Kent 
4th - Stonesour Party Tricks - Exh. S Bover/C Kidner/L Gribble
Nobul Tinybitabling - Exh. J McCabe
Willown A Burning Ambition - Exh. K & F Willox

Australian Bred Bitch
1st - Kahmins Supa Nova - Exh. K Hellsten
2nd - Bullalaris Atomic Kitty - Exh. P Lachmund & C Harmon 
3rd - Bulltacho Bright Eyes Burning - Exh. K Wilkshire 
4th - Ch. Sariluda Betty Boop - Exh. R Wagner
Nobul Toomuchbling - Exh. J McCabe
Scarlettoro Miss Fireball - Exh. D Kent
Abs - Minibull My Opal

Open Bitch
1st - Kahmins Bohemian Summer - Exh. K Hellsten
2nd - Hulia Ginger Crunch - Exh. P Lachmund & C Harmon 
3rd - Ch. Bulltacho Our Girl Tess - Exh. K & F Willox
4th - Nobul Putablingonit - Exh. L & H Hernan
Nobul Sweet Poison - Exh. J McCabe
Ch. Sariluda A Flash of Sunshine (ROM) - Exh. S Moile

Best Dog & Reserve Dog

Best Bitch & Reserve Bitch

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